4 Days in the Corpus Christi Texas area? (Part 2)

4 Days in the Corpus Christi Texas area? (Part 2)


Day 2 saw us waking up in Corpus Christi to a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Best Western. It had almost everything you could ask for! Fixin’s (yes that is a word here in Texas) for breakfast tacos, which are a staple eaten any time of day, not just breakfast; waffles, bagels and toast, fruit, cereal and yogurt to name a few. It was amazing. Here’s the whole spread:

From there it was off to the Texas State Aquarium. I’ve been here a few times, looks like they’re adding on for more exhibits. We got to see the turtles, birds, dolphins (the water was a little murky so no photos, sorry), and other sea life. Check them out here:
B photobombed the Megalodon!
As we made our way to the mall to kill some time we decided to it was time for another round of ‘Name that Tune’ on the Sirius XM radio…80’s music is my thing! Once we hit the mall it was Grimaldi’s for lunch. A Caprese appetizer, then wonderful thin crust New York style pizza called ‘The Don’. Man, it was good! Finished up with the Carmel Apple Cheesecake, no words…there are no words.

A quick walk around proved fruitless other than walking off the lunch we just had, lol! Time to make our way to The Lighthouse Inn in Rockport to get checked in, get snacks for our fishing trip and settle in for an early night. Fishing comes early! Here are shots I got of the inn at night.

So next up is Day 3 — Fishing!!!

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