4 Days in the Corpus Christi Texas area? No Problem!


4 Days in the Corpus Christi Texas area? No Problem!

So November 2016 found B & I taking a 4 day vacation to the Corpus Christi Texas area. We are both native Texans (and proud of it!) and try to get to “The Coast” at least once a year to do something we both not only enjoy but do to provide for the upcoming year, FISHING! We don’t go as often as we’d like, hopefully that will change for the better soon. This will be a ‘post-a-day’ project so this should be fun for everyone involved.

The original date of the following was November 9, 2016, written at that time.

We left our house around noon yesterday, Tuesday headed to Corpus Christi. We made it to our hotel, the Best Western Corpus Christi on Shoreline Dr, around 4 pm. Everything went smooth at check-in and we were able to find parking under the covered area fairly easily. We got to the room quickly, put our bags down, and got ready to eat supper at Texas Flame Restaurant. Here is the view from our room when we arrived:

Looks just like the photo at the top of the page, huh?

As you can see it wasn’t the best day, but that’s OK with me because even though I’ve lived in this great state for my entire 40 years, I do not like Texas heat. The room is good, it is laid out well with all the amenities one might need.

Pardon the bag on the bed, we set things down pretty quickly.
Perfect desk for writing, even though that’s not where I am sitting.
Most hotels now days have a mini fridge and microwave in the room, so convenient for fishing trip snacks!

As for supper, we went to Texas Flame. this used to be Longhorn Steakhouse, not the chain restaurant, but an original. We haven’t been here in a couple years, so I don’t know when it changed names, but it’s still just as good. One of the best things about is the ‘appetizer’ they bring you, little croutons with a sour cream dipping sauce. See for yourself.

The steak, which was an amazing 10oz Ribeye, had the best flavor I could have imagined. No A1 or any sauce needed. The house salad was large for a side salad, I had no disappointment with that, I like a good salad. With the steak I also ordered the sautéed mushrooms, and I have to admit, I couldn’t have made them better myself.

After supper we went to Clicks Paradise to shoot pool for a little while. I held out as long as I could considering the day before I decided leg day at the gym would be a good idea! Boy was I surgically repaired knee was screaming by then end of the night.

Pit stop by Walmart so I could pick up a few things, and a new pair of shorts, then back the room we went to wind down and watch elections results.

All in all, it was an amazing first day!

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