Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football

ORIGINAL POST DATE: Sunday, September 12, 2010

As I sit here watching the Cowboys vs Redskins game I wonder…how did I become a Dallas Cowboys fan? Is it because I was born and have lived in Texas my entire life? Is it because my entire family are fans of the Cowboys? I have followed Dallas Cowboys football for as long as I can remember. All through the 90’s, when ‘The Triplets’ played and took my beloved team to win the Superbowl on 2 consecutive occasions. Through the MANY head coach switches and roster trades. My best friend has to be the BIGGEST Cowboys fan I know. Jerseys, caps, pictures, the whole 9 yards. He has been luckier than me in that he’s been able to actually go to a couple games at the old stadium as well as visit the new one.

However, tonight my ‘Boys don’t look so hot as the 4th quarter hits the 2 minute warning. The score is 10 – 7 Redskins, ugh. I can only hope they can pull a miracle out their helmet…I mean hat.

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