Another Day at the Library

Another Day at the Library

ORIGINAL POST DATE: Tuesday May 11, 2010

Well this is trip two in just as many days to the public library. The girls love it here. One is working on a school project, the other is once again playing games. Although she has found a book (I’m very proud). The oldest decided to stay home, as she checked out two Stephen King books on Sunday. Very thick ones I might add.

Why does the world today seem so far removed from the one that I grew up in? I rode my bike pretty much everywhere in the little town I grew up in. But I didn’t dare walk around in ‘town’. It just wasn’t allowed. Driving through town today I saw a couple of kids who couldn’t have been any older than 14 walking alone. I wondering what their parent think, or do they even know? Do they even care? I try to raise my children with the same self-respect that I was raised with. To obey the elders, not to ‘talk back’, and have some manners. That just seems harder to do now days. Why I have no idea. Could it be all the conveniences we have now that weren’t around when I was younger? I remember a time when there were no home computers (much less laptops), no internet, and no cell phones. That wasn’t so long ago for those of you that think I’m ancient. I didn’t own my first computer until 1994, and the internet came around 4 years later.

So my question is this…how do we (members of my generation) raise our children with the same standards that our parents taught us without losing the battle or our minds? Anyone out there have the answer?

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