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Warning labels for children…

Warning Labels for Children

Original Post: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2009

Why isn’t there sort of warning label that shows up when you decide to have children? There’s warning labels for everything else. Even on the hair dryers saying not to use them in the tub! Why can’t there be a book or something? We as parents need to get together & write a book for those that are thinking about becoming parents, and give it out for free. Because I know one thing, those books that you can buy in the store now days just don’t do parenting justice.

‘They’ don’t tell you how to be prepared for a diaper blow-out in the middle of grocery shopping. ‘They’ don’t warn you to not hand the baby over to someone (just because they want to hold them) as soon as they finish a bottle. The infamous ‘They’ don’t tell you your teenager WILL think they hate you the DAY they turn 13, even though they really don’t. Who is ‘they’ anyway? People with PhD’s, writers, etc? Yeah they may have children, but I’d rather get advice from my grandmother than those people.

All the women in my family (my grandmother, mother and aunt) have this thing my cousins & I call ‘the look’. If you get ‘the look’, you are in deep trouble. Even me, at 33, still fear ‘the look’. My parents never raised a hand to me or my brother, because all Mom needed was ‘the look’. With Dad it was different. He would simple snap his fingers. If you didn’t stop what you were doing, he would get up and take off his belt. Granted, he never used it. He just wanted you to THINK he would.

You can’t learn this stuff at college! I once asked my Mom if she could write down how she did it. How she managed to raise me & my brother without either beating us senseless or losing her own mind. She told me she wouldn’t write it down, but that she would tell me 2 things. Here they are: 1) Pick your battles. Not everything has to be one. 2) Sometimes you have to step back and be the parent, not the friend. I sometimes have a problem with that one still. Especially with me being a single parent. Those of you that are might know what I mean. You have to be not only the Mom, but the Dad and want to also be the friend. I’m realizing that I can’t be all those things.

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